Inspirational Thursday-Wicked-A New Musical

April 10, 2013
Oh, I am in a happy place today-and I want to share my happiness with you!!


When I found out that Wicked was coming to Dallas at Music Hall at Fair Park-

I squealed-maybe not really squealed-but I was one happy gal!

Two months ago we purchased these tickets and I have been counting down

the months, weeks, days and hours and the time has now have arrived.

The hubby, some dear friends and I 

are seeing Wicked!


Wicked- a musical adaptation of a novel written by Gregory Maguire-which just happens to be a parallel novel of my all time favorite movie...

The Wizard of Oz-

The Wizard of Oz-seems to transcend generations, cultures and ideology because  

I have yet to meet a person who did not appreciate something about The Wizard 

Of Oz.  My seven and three year old granddaughters LOVE this movie- a young

associate at work was beside herself when I mentioned to her that we were going 

to see Wicked-because she enjoys musicals and because she loves The Wizard of 


                      Who could resist an intriguing plot of good versus evil?



Wicked is a musical told from the perspective of two unlikely friends who just 

happen to be witches who live in the Land Of Oz.

I have longed to see this musical for years and years!!  

The storyline alone has me hooked  - how delightful and entertaining is this.

             So, tonight, I am putting on my Ruby Red Slippers-

             I won't be on my computer...
             I won't be reading a book...

             I will be in Oz!!

What is your favorite movie, musical or play?

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  1. Oh have an awesome time!! I'm envious! Have you read any of his other books?...they're all great!!

  2. Oh do hope it meets all your expectations and then some ~ enjoy ^_^

    thanks for visiting and commenting

  3. My daughter and I saw that when they were in Atlanta at the Fox Theater. It was wonderful, fantastic, great, awesome, and marvelous. Can't wait until you see it! sandie

    PS I read the book too.

  4. I have heard this is an awesome musical! I know you will enjoy!

  5. We saw it when it was playing in Seattle:) you will love it!

  6. How exciting! I would love to see this one...and Mama Mia! Right now I would just love to be in Texas...I miss my kids! Sweet hugs!

  7. Have a wonderful time, Jemma!

  8. What fun! Heard it was good. SO happy for you that you get to go, Jemma :)

  9. Jemma, I saw this with my daughter a couple of years ago, you are going to LOVE it!!
    I actually had tickets to see it again but couldn't go :( (YES, it's that good!)
    Have a fabulous time!


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