Fashion Friday-Updating Makeup

Spring has Sprung and I have been updating my make up for this time 

of the year.  I have been trying some different products and I am very pleased 

with the results!  I have been wanting to share them with you all-so glad

Fashion Friday has finally arrived!! 

Berkshire Pool House eclectic patio

During the Summer I like to look put-together and also not overly done.  We have

humidity and plenty of heat in North Texas so I prefer for my make up to be light. 

I have had great results with Clinique tinted moisturizer. Not only does it give my 

face a finished look, it has sunblock and moisturizer.  It retails for $27 and 

comes in 6 shades.

Moisture Surge Tinted Moisturizer SPF 15

beverly hills peck - mediterranean patio

I intend to be outside as much as possible this Summer working in the yard, 

planting and soaking up the outdoors.  I do like to have some color on my

lips.  I don't know if this happens to you, but my lipstick tends to disappear.

I have tried many types of lipsticks that are "supposed," to last 8 hours but

they normally dry out my lips.  I have been extremely pleased with Revlon Color 

Stay Ultimate Suede Lipstick.  This lipstick has shea butter and aloe. Love how it 

lasts and moisturizes.  20 great shades to choose from. It is "Food Proof."  Retails 

for $9.99


beverly hills peck - mediterranean patio

Everyone looks better with a little color-but I also know that tanning not only ages my

skin, but can cause skin cancer.  These are two tanning products that give such a nice

and natural glow without sun damage.  I like using Bronzing Tinted Shimmering Lotion

for my arms and legs.  This lotion moisturizes, adds color and just a bit of shimmer- retails 

for $15 Victoria's Secret.  For instant brightening I just add a brush stroke of Baked Mineral 

Bronzing Powder on my cheeks and forehead. Victoria's Secret $16.

Pride of Madeira - mediterranean - landscape - los angeles - CARL BALTON & ASSOCIATES

Thinking simple, who wants heavily lined eyes-especially for a natural look for Summer?    

After all they are the windows to our soul.

I like Highlighter Pencils that add a bit of brightness and natural color to my eyes.  They 

are such a great solution when I do not want to use eye-shadow. Also great after a work-out.

Jane Iredale makes some great products- which are also vegan/gluten and cruelty-free. 

The {source} below this picture will take you to the web site.

Highlighter Pencils

I have tried all of these products-I have all of them in my make up bag.  I am not receiving

any reimbursement of any kind for mentioning these products.  I simply like these products,

and the results which they have given me!!  It just makes sense to share the good stuff

with my friends!

Have a Wonderful Weekend!


  1. The Clinique tinted moisturizer sounds great! Thanks for the tip!

    hugs, Linda

  2. great tips Jemma. thank you for sharing. I have always liked Jergens body moisturizer for a bit of color in the warm months. Works great and inexpensive.

  3. I use a tinted moisturizer, as well. Like you, I appreciate that it's light and I don't look overly done. When I need my skin to look just a bit more polished, I dust some face powder on top of the tinted moisturizer. I think I may try a bronzer this summer. I do use a heavy amount of sunscreen, and often look just as pale at the end of summer as I did at the beginning. A bit of bronzer may just perk my skin up.
    Thank you for your suggestions!

  4. Hi Jemma, I have such oily skin that I have never used a moisturizer. Even as old as I am if I do I still break out. Wonder if this would be different. I also hardly ever wear lipstick because I lick it off as fast as I put it on. May need to buy a tube and try it. I love the outdoors and tan so easily. My problem is I get weird tan lines. I wore flip flops in the yard one day and already have a flip flop line. UGH! It really is not good when I want to wear other sandals! lol!
    p.s. loved the garden pics!

  5. I will have to check these out. I love the way you gave your opinion and then showed something of such beauty. I saw on Good Morning America there is now an eye liner out that has a ball on the end. I tried to find it but I can't. So those are some good products - heading there - over and out.... sandie

  6. Thanks for sharing, Jemma. It is hard to navigate the makeup world when there are so many products to choose from. I love getting recommendations that help save me from costly mistakes. I'll give them a try. Thanks!

  7. That Victoria's Secret bronzer is my favorite, I also like their highlighting tube for a bit of color. Xo