Fashion Friday-Palette of Greens

April 18, 2013
I need a little vacation...

Nothing fancy...

Just a place where I can read a great book...

If I could I would pack a bag 

or maybe two...

I know some friends that would like to join me, would you?

And after a glorious day of shopping, and finding just the best of


Naturally, we would stop for a delicate and delicious dessert.

Pantone colors for Spring 2013 include a vast palette of greens.  Pistachio, 

Midori, Cool-Blue-Greens, Cool Mints, Beachglass.

The Key words are: Easy and totally relaxed.

So, my dears, enjoy and have a relaxing weekend.

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  1. I want to come with you! I LOVE THAT COLOR - LOVE IT! I am in love with it. All you need is a nightgown! lol sandie

  2. Hi Jemma,
    I love that color palette! It's a summer's breeze by the ocean.
    Have a wonderful weekend,

  3. so pretty!

    such a refreshing and beautiful colour palette.
    happy weekend~

    plus: i love your blog! absolutely elegant!

  4. That sounds like a GREAT idea to me, Jemma. Thanks so much for your visit and comment on my blog, too. Always nice to have you visit. Susan


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