Fashion Friday-Black and White

March 28, 2013
Honestly-who doesn't love black and white? 

Have you ever shopped at White House Black Market?  

Who doesn't look sharp in Black and White ?

Black and White is a timeless combination, always tasteful, classy, and comes across as a
no-fuss, put-together look.  Black and White exudes self-confidence, an air of sophistication, you can dress this color combination up or down.

Many of these collections are from the talented individuals on Polyvore. I enjoy this social media network whose main focus is on fashion.

I have my eye on this blouse and sandals.

This Diane von Furstenberg dress would be so flattering and look at these precious white sandals.

I really do believe in this statement-we all need to dance and laugh more-so good for the soul.  
I am a bit crazy over
these black and white heels-really and truly I am...

Wouldn't you love some Enamel jewelry?  Such clean and cool lines.   

So, please dance- don't walk , laugh a little, have fun  and Shop The Trend!

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  1. I seem to wear a lot of black because as you said, I feel good in it. You can't go wrong with black and white in my opinion.
    Mary Alice

  2. Okay I have to tell you something. One gal had this flower votive on her blog years ago - I have been searching for it for years - never finding one. Is this from the company? I will go look.

    Now for me I will take the dress in row 3 and the shoes! lol


  3. So where is that votive? lol sandie

  4. What a fun post Jemma, I LOVE black and white. It's definitely my staple! Makes life so much easier work with simple but beautiful colors.

  5. Black and white is very classy and classic, and works for almost any occasion! I love it too.

  6. Dear Jemma, I wish you a very happy Easter. Many regards and hugs.. Dorothea :-)

  7. I love black and whites and these are some lovely pieces. Thank you so much for popping in to see me and I wish you a very blessed Easter.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  8. I gravitate to black and white, as you said, timeless and tasteful! that blouse is gorgeous!
    Hey Sandie, I bought a similar flower votive at Michael's.

  9. Sometimes I worry that I might be overdoing the black and white thing but I can' help myself. Love it!


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