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March 19, 2013
I am always purchasing plants, seeds and pots-always-if I don't answer my phone I am at Home Depot or somewhere that has plants!  So I  had these two humdrum generic plastic pots and wanted to spruce them up for Easter,  I wanted a breath of fresh air billowing throughout our home, I wanted Spring residing in every corner-out with stagnant Winter in with vibrant Spring!

Aren't these just hideous?  You can surely see why they needed a make-over!

Remember the Burlap Wreath I made a few posts ago-I had some leftover burlap and twine,  so no need for it to go to waste.  I simply cut the burlap into a couple of squares.

My Hot Glue Gun, is my best friend- so naturally it was time to bring her out!

Add hot glue to bottom and inside of flower pot,  press burlap onto plastic pot.  HOT GLUE -be very careful!  It is so easy to get some burns, I seem to always have at least one blister on one of my fingers!

Tuck and adjust burlap to your liking and finish it up by tying a bow with twine or jute, I had twine, so I used it!

I added Mondo grass to my burlap pots which is thriving. I truly recommend this grass.  I am sure that in time I will want to add some flowers to my burlap pots. So when that time comes  I will plant the Mondo grass into one of my outside pots!  Multi-use.

I did this entire project on about 5$, you simple cannot beat bringing Spring into your home for that price!!

Wondering what you have created from a scrap piece of material or leftover project??

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  1. I love this idea, Jemma! And it could work with any fabric.
    Have a wonderful day!

  2. Jemma I need to come home with you! lol sandie

  3. This is a great idea since I seem to have lots of those small pots also! Thanks for sharing at TTF~



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