Fashion Friday

Fashion Friday -Pantone 2013

February 15, 2013
Did you ever see the movie The Devil Wears Prada-wasn't Meryl

Streep amazing?  She is one of my very favorite actresses.

Well, when I think of all of this Business on Pantone Fashion Colors,

I think of this movie, and how all of our decorating, whether it be 

adorning ourselves or our homes is chosen for us by designers.

So, lets take a peek at what they have picked out for us for!

Pantone 2013

Monaco Blue is an anchor for all of the other colors in Pantone, it

presents itself in formal wear, shoes, blazers even jewelry.

You will see the colors of the Season in all elements, even in 

home decor.  Lemon Zest another Pantone color shown here in 

lamps, shades, bowls, vases.  You might be surprised where it will

show up.

I fell in love with this Emerald Green Clutch Pantone's top color 

for 2013!  So vibrant rich and such a statement maker.

Poppy Red-such a smashing color in clothing and home decor.


This beautiful necklace showcases Dusk Blue-


When I first heard "Grayed Jade," I wasn't overly impressed, but 

wow has this color grown on me.  Just look at this beautiful, rich

muted tone.  Beautiful as a throw and gorgeous combined with 

a white sofa.


Looking to add comfort and a pop of color to your wardrobe this

season?  How about  this casual Panto loafer in one of the 

fabulous Pantone Colors of 2013- African Violet~

Isn't this brush stroke scarf just gorgeous-Pantone 2013 color 

Tender Shoots, mixed with white and grey.


I plan on adding some of Pantone 2013 colors to my Spring 


It might just be by adding sparkle with  Poppy Red 

or creating balance with a novel neutral.  

What colors will you choose?

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  1. Oh boy did I love this post, beautiful outfits! I would have to go with the poppy red, red is my colour. :) Diane

  2. That was quite a fashion show, Jemma. I liked the poppy outfit the best. Nice work! Susan

  3. All outfits are beautiful, dear Jemma.  I liked the red outfit the best. Meryl Streep is also my favorite actresses. 
    Have a nice weekend. Regards... Dorothea

  4. Okay - I loved that show and I love Meryl Streep. And it looks to me you could fill in for her job! Sandie

  5. Hi Jemma!
    I would like to pass along to you the Leibster Award which honors new bloggers. You can get the details at The Refeathered Roost. Congrats and keep up the great work!

  6. What a beautiful array of colors! My favorite is the church & brunch outfit in nectarine. I have this movie & love it! Thanks for sharing. Have a nice evening.

  7. p.s. on Sunday night: Hi Jemma. Thanks for all your visits and sweet comments to my blog. Here's to a good week for us all! Susan

  8. I just had to come back and look at this post, too! I don't usually wear jeans but I am SO in love with the first outfit! Can I have a different color handbag though! heehee!


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