Container Gardening-Dieffenbachia

January 06, 2013
Gardening, whether inside, or outside is always a joy for me!  So, 

last year after all the Christmas decorations were put away I 

ventured over to my local gardening store.  There I found two 

Dieffenbachia on sale.  They were among the many other plants 

that no one wanted.  All colorfully wrapped in red foil and on their 

last leg-I rescued them!  

Dieffenbachia is also known as Dumb Cane-this is because the 

plant has a mouth numbing substance in the leaves and stems.  

Word of caution- if the plant is eaten it can be toxic.  

As you can see these plants have broad leaves and thick succulent 

stems.  They do well in bright filtered light with temperatures from 

60-75 degrees.  Water thoroughly and let soil dry out to depth of 

about 1 inch.  Fertilize every 2-3 weeks.  Propagation by cane 


Dieffenbachia are very easy to grow.

I mixed in some of my Paperwhites for added interest and color. 

This is one of my indoor gardening spots!

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