Nothing to Wear? Ideas Here!

November 06, 2012

Black ShoesBlack ShoesBlack Shoes
Are you one of the many millions of women that say "I have nothing to wear?"  Well I have a cure that I want to share with you!!

I joined Polyvore 10 months ago, I wasn't quite sure if we would make a good fit-but we did and here we are!!  I am one of those
women who look around in her closet and say "I have nothing to wear!"  Well, because of these talented souls I now have direction and a sense of style all of my own.  Sharing with you today, some great collections by some of the talented individuals which I follow!

Beautiful Collection by "You Can Call Me Jules."

Totes and Such
"Kiran" Basic with a trendy flair Collection

Katie Davis created this beautiful Gray inspired collection

Such a put together look with a choice of bags and shoes -from lynn75

Because this is Fun!
Warm and cozy set by Kelsy Digby

Animal print
What a trendy, fun and inspirational set by Melindatg

A big thank you to these talented individuals who make my  life easier!  Your creations inspire me, intrigue me, direct me.  I dress with more confidence in a world that challenges us all each day and you simplify my life-so a big shout out to all of you!!

Dear reader, if you enjoyed this post I invite you to join me on Pinterest or Polyvore where I have pinned or saved many, many more collections!



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