Gift Giving Ideas for Christmas

November 07, 2012

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The door bell rings, a neighbor drops by, a in-law decides to join you for Christmas, you remember how much your child loves the school librarian and oh the Girl Scout Leader!!  Sound familiar??

Years ago, I decided that I wasn't going to get caught up in that vicious cycle so I began shopping in November for just those "sort" of gifts to have on hand.

Bath salts
Vessels with bath Salts

Greet overnight guest with this simple and thoughtful gesture.  Fill these petite vessels with various colors of bath salts and attach a handwritten wish for a relaxing visit.

Books as a holiday centerpiece
A Collection of Christmas Stories Wrapped in Ribbon

This time of year all bookstores have Christmas Classics and many 
times they are discounted. If you can find vintage looking even better!  Purchase some that you would enjoy having in your own collection-and bundle them up with a beautiful  lush ribbon.

Festive centerpiece
Wheat Grass Centerpiece

We all have a friend who loves gardening and nature-wheat grass isn't just for Spring.  How about surprising them with a wooden crate filled with over sized bulbs and festive ornaments nestle in blades of grass-this would be a wonderful centerpiece-

Decorative chalkboard
Seasonal Signage

Seasonal signage-I really like the shape of this blackboard and the twine.  This is ready to go, all you have to do is order it!  About as stress free as it gets!

Mason jars filled with ornaments
Mason Jars filled with Ornaments


Mason jars are very trendy this year. You can make these yourself or purchase them.  This could be the perfect gift for the School Librarian so she can  turn them into a cheerful display.
Magnet board
Magnetic Bulletin Board

Holiday Magnetic Bulletin Board-this could be used for any season or purpose. Just order it!

Peppermint dish
Fun Candy Dish

When I saw these mints in this unexpected candy dish, I was thrilled!  I love mints and so do my two granddaughters!  So this is a twist on a candy dish!!

Any gift giving ideas to share?


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