Christmas Palette-Tips and Tricks

November 05, 2012

Many, many years ago I had this flamboyant friend who decorated her home in vibrant, intense 

color schemes- a bit over the top for me at the time.  I preferred what I call(  the 3's)Simple, 

Safe, and Sweet!  Even safer- monochromatic and serene.  Then I discovered- The Red Door,  in 

Shreveport Louisiana, which has ignited a spark in me to step out of my comfort zone and try a 

new decorating theme for Christmas this year!  There are certain decorating measures to make 

note of to pull this new look off successfully! 

Simple, Safe and Sweet

Having committed to this project I am going to remind myself, dear reader, that a Christmas 

palette does not have to be serene, traditional greens or reds, jingle bells and Santa's of days 

gone by.  I do not have to use the same colors and designs year after year to celebrate the 

traditions that I hold dear in my heart.  I can try new bold colors and themes to give my home a 

holiday look that reflects who I am today!

Fashion continues to influence home decor, and it has reached Christmas tree decorations too.

Tip: Never ever skimp on lights- for every vertical foot of tree, you should use a strand of 100 


blue and white bookshelves with ladder next to a decorated christmas tree
Pack on the ornaments and add ribbon to make a grand statement

This room has a professional flair, one of the reasons is that the Christmas wrap coordinates with 

the Christmas tree's color scheme.  You can use multiple textures, colors, patterns and ribbon as 

long as you stay true to the tree's palette.

Tip:  Simple brown craft paper used as wrapping paper with a fancy bow is always a designer 


Christmas Color

After choosing a color scheme, decorate the Christmas tree with the new ornaments selected. 

 Making sure to attach these ornaments evenly over the tree and periodically stepping back to 

check on placement. 

Tip: Larger ornaments look best towards the bottom of tree and smaller ornaments look best 

closer to the top of the tree.

When adding garlands or ribbon to your tree, there are many designer options.  One is to add the 

garlands or ribbon running from the top to the bottom, tucking the garland or ribbon into the tree 

about every 2 feet.  Option two is to run the garlands/ribbon in a circle around the outside of the 

tree(imagine a barber's pole.) 

Well, I think I might just be ready to kick the Christmas Tree decorating up a notch!  So, some 

final take-always-

Keep the tree full and abundant, but not cluttered.

By adding oversized ornaments or embellishments to your Christmas tree the color scheme is 

pulled together.

To add depth to your Christmas tree decor, cluster similar ornaments together then hang them 

inside the tree and along the tips of the branches.  The cluster will read more graphically than 

just one ornament tucked and hidden.

Color scheme plays into seat cushions, throw pillows, rugs, furniture.

Coordinating wrapping paper reflects Christmas Tree palette for a cohesive and dramatic 


 How will you create your Christmas look~

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