How does your Garden Grow

October 03, 2012
Vibrant Flowers

How Does your Garden Grow?

I have always, always loved bougainvilleas and I 

have attempted to grow them so many times.  This year I was 

very successful with this gorgeous beauty.  Just the right 

combination of morning sun, daily watering and filtered 

afternoon sun. 

Periwinkles grow very well in our extreme heat and dry 

Summers.  Each of these blooming beauties came from one little 

seed that sprouted inside my mini-greenhouse. 

Even when I was just a young girl I was interested in growing a garden.  One of the things I 

enjoy most about growing a garden is watching the tiny little seeds grow into beautiful blooming 

plants.  In order for me to get a jump start on raising my own plants I like to start growing them 

in January or February.

Love my happy little zinnias all grown up now-such a pleasure and satisfaction to view the 

garden that started out months ago as simple seeds - turn into this!

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  1. I love your flowers- such beautiful pictures!
    :) Samantha


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