05 August 2015

Color My Hair Pretty

Today was a  Hair Salon Day Getaway, a little trim, a few foils and a whole lot of coverage for those

dreaded roots, the ones that grow out and are no longer brunette or even blonde but well...

Gulp gray, no I would really be fibbing, and I am too old for fibs- they are White.

I come from a long line of  White haired ladies and a long line of ladies who colored their hair.

My Mom was still going strong at 83, as was my Aunt Ester.

I have done everything possible to my hair to hide the gray, oops I did it again, white...hehe.

I have bleached, dyed, permed, cut, cropped, pony tailed, pinned, wigged, scarfed and cursed it

whew...and now I have just plain accepted it.

Sort of.

With acceptance comes freedom.

I really don't mind having a white head of hair, I just don't want to wear it.

I like it on other Ladies but not myself, I think it is beautiful with the right style and I

guess I have just accepted that it is not my style.

For Now, that is.

I have also accepted that idea that I have the right to change my mind at any given time.

After all I am a woman, and we should always reserve that right, don't you agree?

Some things are worth taking a permanent stance for or against.

I have plenty of those, trust me.

But my hair, well, what I am really looking for is for it just to be a pretty color and maybe one

other thing-behave.

My hair is unruly, it has curl where it should be straight and straight where there should be curl.

I have accepted the fact that children don't behave, men don't behave, society doesn't behave and

I suppose there are times that you and I don't behave.

But, my hair-well it must behave.

When I walk through the doors of my favorite Hair Salon-DV8 The Salon.

I am accepted and welcomed to choose any color, any cut, any style I would like.

No one tells me my hair is unruly or that the color is all wrong.

I asked my stylist, how much time do we have today, and she sweetly smiled and said

we have all the time you need.

Coloring my hair pretty is so much more than color-

It is acceptance of the woman I have become, the woman I am yet to be.

Accepting that what is right now, may not be later.

I am not in a rush to discover what that will be,

I am perfectly content in the present moment with the acceptance of who I am-today,

-blonde, brunette, red, white or gray hair, color does not define me, nor you.

But accepting who I am does, and taking it all, one step at a time.

Love to hear from those of you who have not left a comment before, please do-

I would love to know more about you!


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  1. I love having a place to go that is relaxing and fun. The lady that cuts my hair always makes me feel good and I leave feeling even better. It's been liberating to allow my hair to go silver. The Florida sun was bleaching my blond out so much that it's not a drastic change. I love being a girl, don't you? Sweet hugs, Diane

  2. I have been grey/white since I was 22. It runs in the family. I have been coloring my hair since I was 22. I will continue to fight it as long as I can. :-) Other women wear grey/white beautifully. I'm not one of those. So coloring my hair is one of my little indulgences. Since it is very short, it doesn't cost a lot and everyone is happy! :-)

  3. You know I think that is great for you. I think all of us have to make a decision what looks food and what we feel comfortable with - I go back and forth!

  4. I'm in the color and highlight category. Fighting back the gray!!

    When you move out here I'll give you the name of someone wonderful...that's if you want to see someone closer to home. :)

  5. Bravo! No right way for any woman! Just what makes us happy because…you know the rest!

    I dearly love the salon and stylist I found last year. She gives the best head and neck massage and listens and cares and we talk and laugh our way through the whole visit. It's better than going to a shrink!

    Jemma, I loved your post. I mean, isn't a woman's hair as important a subject as almost any other?


  6. I do the same. I have been blending my gray/white with blond highlights and it looks good. I am not ready to let it all go. Psychologically I'm not ready to see myself that way. :-)

  7. Hello Jemma, I have been coloring my hair for years now. My mother and grandmother both had white hair in their "golden years". I always feel happier after my hair has been done. Enjoy your day!

  8. Good morning JEMMA!

    This was a lovely read, learning more and more about you. You have been such a loyal IG follower and dear friend to me. It's always fun to learn even more about the other person's physical appearance too, but what is behind the woman.

    WELL, talk about hair. I LOVE WHITE HAIR but in my family, all the women (on my mom's side) had the most gorgeous SILVER hair....not gray, SILVER. I will never forget one year after I had been away from California for a few years, going back to see my family. I had not seen my aunts for a while, and of course, everyone aged...but both of them had the shiniest silver hair..I just remember thinking that I hoped my hair would look this good.

    I still have BLACK HAIR with some grays coming in on the side. Believe it or not, I LIKE IT! HAHAHAHHAHAHAHA why? Because ever since I was a child, I wanted to be a blonde, like my cousins on my dad's side! All that to say is for many women, HAIR is their identity. In high school especially, my hair was at its peak in beauty. Long, thick and yes, SHINY....I was known for this hair of mine. Later after I married, I cut it. I will never forget what one woman at church said to me: "OH NO! YOU CUT OFF YOUR ONE BEAUTY!" Well....

    I never let that stop me. I always knew my hair was my "one beauty" on the outside, but I always pressed forward anyway. And to this day, I wear it short, I let the grays come in just to see what I will look like finally, with LIGHTER hair. Call me crazy, but it's kinda fun....

    YOU however, must look fantastic with your new do! We all have the creative right to decide what color hair, what length and what style we want to wear. ENJOY IT my friend!

    You are just a delight. XOXOXOX

  9. Well I ma going to get my hair colored today and I think I am gong dark because the bleach and no hormones have taken a toll on my hair. I have one chunky gray streak up front that bleach has kept at bay but at this point I want my hair healthy so if that gray streak has to stay so be it- LOL! I would love to see your color too! xo K

  10. I'm indecisive about color and wishy washy about style. I let it grow and grow, and then I get mad and chop it off. Right now I have chopped a tad too much and need to go see a stylist. I hope to do that soon.
    I;m thinking of going shorter than ever before. I think I will love it.

  11. White-hair-is-gorgeous. My opinion.

    Mine is now gray, which I like to call pewter, because that sounds better to me. -giggles- Colored it for a while, while it was changing. But just got tired of the process. And especially of "ROOTS". Eeeek.

    But what each woman does with her hair, is up to her. Like everything else. I believe in free will for all. ,-)


  12. Jemma, there must be something brewing in the air with the white hair. I've heard the most women talking about GRAY or NOT TO GRAY. Well for me....I do the low lights and the high lights on my hair and I love it! I don't love the cost nor the time it takes but I love my color. I've had my stylish for about 15 years now and she always has free reign with my hair. My hair is thick and coarse and easy to style and manage. (YES, I know I am blessed with that part of ME) Wish the rest of ME was that manageable. Of course I wear it short so it's more manageable. My hair was way past my behind for years...till THEM babies started coming. I began to get shorter and shorter but have never been sorry. I had to start doing a little coloring about 5 years ago and needless to say....I go more often than I'd like to get those touch ups. My CROWN is where the "white" is the most. My great-grandmother was totally white and her hair was beautiful. My grandmother had beautiful white hair and now my mom does too. I am not ready to be WHITE. And I don't think it's so much the fact that I don't feel like I am old enough as it is I just like my hair color. No our hair color does not define who we are but it sure makes me feel better about myself when I like my hair...and I am happy for now with the coloring. And just to add a punch...my three daughters like my hair color as well and I have one daughter that flat out said, "mama, you ain't going gray on my watch! LOL! Hope she remembers those words...cause one day she will have to PAY for my hair to be colored. Ha! Enjoyed this post today and having some extra time to visit. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  13. My mother said I would start turning grey when I turned 40 and I didn't believe her LOL It's not too bad yet, but I have to dye my hair about once a month and only the top portion. I will fight it until the end though ;)


  14. I am overdue! With out dog situation, I had to cancel my last appointment. I love getting my hair done.
    It's my relaxing Me time. Those unwanted grey hairs are persistent. Adding more blond does make it blend. I say, we deserve it! xo

  15. Oh yes.....lots of gray and it seems like my appointments are getting closer and closer together ;\ I too am not opposed to being gray, it just doesn't look good on me and the texture of my hair is kinky and (like yours;) unruly. The hair and skin are so similar and both loose their structure and tone over time. It's just so hard to keep it styled and silky. Long hair is even more challenging and I find myself keeping it and the dryer and hot iron off .. is best.

    I'm sure your hair looks so pretty and hopefully you have something fun planned for the weekend ahead.

  16. Great post! I love white hair and almost envy it on women. I have just enough gray to need color every 6 weeks. I don't think the beautiful white hair runs in my family unfortunately!

  17. Some women look amazing with grey, I mean white, hair. I have a very close friend who started going grey in high school. It became her signature look and was quite dramatic actually.

    Then again, there are certain shades of white (I'm a quick learner) that are somewhat dull and drain color from our face. To that I say NO WAY JOSE!

    My mother and grandmother really didn't go grey until well into their 60's, and even then it was a little and I seem to be following suit. I'm noticing a bit on the sides, but it's not too dramatic yet. I color my hair about once every three months because I think it's gotten duller and I like to infuse a little reddish tones.

    How nice that you have a salon that treats you so well Jemma! She sounds like a keeper :)


  18. My hairdresser is also a close friend. A couple of weeks ago, I finally caved and did a permanent color. I was nervous but I did it. It turned out great in indoor light but when I looked into my rearview mirror as I was leaving, I was a bit shocked by some red tones! YIKES! In the past I highlighted as I have naturally light hair, then in recent years I did a semi permanent color with a highlight but this time I decided to try a permanent color. Roots are just beginning to appear but I would like to recolor without the red tone. So now I am nervous all over again! I don't know what to do but gray does not look good on me!

  19. Wellllll, my hair started graying when I was about 25...
    It entered my small mind how much it would cost to keep it dyed, and I decided that I would rather spend the money on a house!!
    So....lo these many years later....it is slightly silvered gray, and a bit more of the brown/reddish in the back, with silver frosting :^)
    Yep, my sweet hubby says I'm a calico!! I don't necessarily look good with gray hair, but it does give me permission to wear gaudy colored clothes, so it's not all bad!!
    Blessings to you,


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