27 December 2012

Inspirational Thursday-Let it go

A new year is just around the corner!  I find this empowering!  Thanks to Grace, which has been given to us as a gift,  we are able to begin a new chapter in our lives.

I am making a commitment to myself that every Thursday I will dedicate my blog to an inspirational Theme.


"Let it Go and Love."
We all know that we all have stuff that we need to let go of.  By doing this we are able to take all of the energy and effort which we were putting in to thoughts, worries and even certain relationships that are not serving us well. Let us focus on the beauty of strong relationships, healthy thoughts, less worrying, love and Faith.

May inner peace be yours today-



Jemma's home is a quiet spot nestled among the trees. You might find me writing, reading, or puttering in my Greenhouse, tweaking a recipe, crafting a wreath or loving on my grands. Always living with a grateful heart.

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